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Sahaja Yoga for children

From: "Bernard Cuvellier"
Date: Tue May 6, 2003 2:02 pm
Subject: Sahaja Yoga for children

Dear all,

Last three month we had yoga for children, here in Nieuwegein (Holland) and you would like the enjoy the outcome of that. So here i send you a short resume and a short story.

Eighteen children got there realisation.

Six parents got their realisation. And next to that: twelve adults.

Seven Sahaja yogi children learned how to share and give Sahaja Yoga with other children.

Two children, whose mother is very recently in SY, learned very much and grew very fast. At the end of the 3 month the father also got his realisation. They liked it so much, that they never wanted to leave after the course was over. They had very good questions and started to meditate every day for themselves. And they want to have a deity room for bedroom. Especially the eldest girl. whose name is Shanti (peace) and eleven years old, is doing very fine and developing her innate qualities.

Saroja (9) was always very cool and enjoying very much. Her mother will now start with a SY course.

Melissa (7) would do her very best and sit still with her eyes closed. She writes the numbers of all the chakras on her hands before she goes to sleep.

Joyce (10) and Anouk (8) brought many friends to SY and grew in SY. They enjoyed coming and helping.

Matika (9) learned about her left side, about forgiveness and is working very hard to work out her parents.

Dominique (8) had a very good time and opened up to others. Seeing ego. She tried to explain to her mother and now she has got her realisation and will come to learn more about SY.

Liza (11) was very interested and can meditate for a longer while. She is not troubled about what others think of her.

Rohid (7) and Shiva (6) joined in the last month and liked to learn about the deities and singing. Their mother will also come to learn more of SY.

Janaki (8) and Vira (7) learned to be an example for SY and to help our Holy Mother in her Divine Work. And to take footsoak after.

Next to these children lots of friends came for one time.

But the nicest story is maybe from two little boys who did not want to come. But Kundalini works miracles. The oldest boy has ADHD, a nasty disease. In the beginning he was rude and not willing. After three month he has changed, he can look at you. He laughs. He can play nicely with his brother and other children.

Their mother told me that they would not do anything together. But the children yoga. This they would do also at home. And singing the GANESHA song. After 4 weeks the mother learned how to work on her children and would do so every night. Some weeks after that they are now sharing one bedroom. And even sleep together in one bed. They get along so well. One day they walk to school , hand in hand, one says to the other: Do you remember, we used to fight al the time? (like that was such a long time ago)

But they are not coming back. ''But Mummy you are doing the yoga to me every night. So i don't have to come!''

It is now up to the mother who has grown deeper and deeper.

Because this is happening in the local community centre the news spreads around and lots of people know about it. Recently i have been approached in the swimming pool by a mother whose child will now come for the next course.

Many yogis are also thinking of giving realisation in schools and so on.

Have much fun. enjoy and lots of love, its so easy with children.

Jai Shri Mataji


Socrates Triple Filter Test

In ancient Greece, Socrates was reputed to hold knowledge in high esteem. One day an acquaintance met the great philosopher and said,

"Socrates, do you know what I just heard about your best friend?"

"Hold on a minute," Socrates replied. "Before telling me anything I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called the Triple Filter Test."

"Triple filter?"

"That's right," Socrates continued. "Before you talk to me about my friend, it might be a good idea to take a moment and filter what you're going to say. The first filter is Truth. Have you
made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?"

"No," the man said, "actually I just heard about it and..."

"All right," said Socrates. "So you don't really know if it's true or not. Now let's try the second filter, the filter of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my friend
something good?"

"No, on the contrary..."

"So," Socrates continued, "you want to tell me something bad about him, but you're not certain it's true. You may still pass the test though, because there's one filter left: the filter of Usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about my friend going to be useful to me?"

"No, not really."

"Well," concluded Socrates, "if what you want to tell me is neither true nor good nor even useful, why tell it to me at all?"

This is why Socrates was a great philosopher and held in such high esteem.

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More than 600 minutes of Sahajayoga Archived Radio Programs.

Archived Sydney Radio Broadcasts
Streaming audio of selected Sydney weekly radio broadcasts. Each radio broadcast provides a background to Sahaja Yoga plus the experience of a guided meditation. There is also an opportunity to hear a talk by Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga.

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2004, July 4 The 10 Guru principles & Meditation 55 mins click here
2004, Jan 28 Meditation & selected music 60 mins click here
2004, Jan 14 Meditation & selected music 60 mins click here
2004, Jan 7 Meditation & selected music 60 mins click here
2003, Mar 16 Meditation & selected music 60 mins click here
2002, May 5 Meditation & selected music 120 mins click here
2001, Dec 7 Meditation & selected music 60 mins click here
2001, Sept 7 Meditation & selected music 60 mins click here
2001, June 3 Meditation & selected music 60 mins click here
1996, Nov 23 Meditation & selected music 60 mins click here

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Rooted in the World, You Can Let Your Consciousness Soar

Rooted in the World, You Can Let Your Consciousness Soar

Each form of Yoga has its own philosophy. Bhaktiyoga is based on devotion, karmyoga on work, gyanyoga on knowledge and hathyoga on physical exercise. While the techniques adopted may be different, every form of yoga has the same goal: To get closer to the Divine.
In Sahajyoga, Kundalini, which is the divine energy present in every living form, is awakened and connection is established with the divine power, the Param Chaitanya. As you get connected, energy starts flowing within your body, cleansing the system. It is recommended that you meditate for five to 10 minutes, morning and evening. Once a week, practise collective meditation with other Sahajyogis to experience the real benefits of dhyana.
For those who undertake meditation, life changes completely in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spheres. Physically, you become a healthier person. Your face starts glowing and your skin becomes softer. As you start looking younger and feel more energetic, you come to rely less on artificial aids to wellness.
Emotionally, you become stronger, fearless and confident. Your conduct improves and your attention shifts from narrow issues to larger ones. The inherent negativities of hatred, greed and jealousy get reduced to a large extent.
With regular practice of Sahajyoga your extra-sensitive perception increases and often you can experience divine guidance and protection in times of crisis. You begin to experience a positive transformation.
Before embarking on the spiritual path, it is necessary to understand the many myths and misconceptions:
Myth 1: You renounce the world leaving worldly responsibilities unfulfilled.
Fact: You live in the same world, but learn to handle your responsibilities in a more effective manner.
Myth 2: Your married life is over.
Fact: You lead a perfectly normal married life. This is symbolised in Hindu gods leading normal married lives.
Myth 3: You must give up all worldly pleasures and lead a simple life.
Fact: Simplicity comes from within and is not to be broadcast. You are free to enjoy all pleasures of life earned through fair means.
Myth 4: You must be a serious person.
Fact: Happiness is the key to life and laughter is its expression. One need not change the basic nature or feel apologetic about it.
Myth 5: You can be successful only if you have the zeal to fight.
Fact: Research shows that a person's potential is best realised when his intelligence, emotional and spiritual quotients are fully developed. Best managerial practices are based upon trust and altruism rather than on unethical practices.
Myth 6: Spirituality is not for me.
Fact: Everyone is part of the universe. Don't separate yourself from nature. Taking help from cosmic energy is as
natural as breathing.
Myth 7: I do not have the time.
Fact: Sahajyoga requires only 20 minutes of your time everyday. With meditation you become extremely energetic and can do with one or two hours less sleep. Ultimately you are a gainer.
Myth 8: It is unfashionable.
Fact: If Richard Gere, Lara Bush, Matthew Malley and Madonna meditate regularly, it can't be all that unfashionable.

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Health Benefits of Sahaja Yoga

Health Benefits of Sahaja Yoga

Article from The Indian Express: "Easy Healer"
Sudipta Basu in conversation with Dr. Umesh C. Rai (left), MBBS, MD, FIMSA, Director of the International Sahaja Yoga Research and Health Center, Mumbai

Doctors in Madrid had given up on her condition of Polyarteritis Nodosa. And Emilia Moreno lived in a state of semi-paralysis for 20 years - she could barely walk or use her hands. And yet, after spending a couple of months at a health centre in Navi Mumbai, she wrote in her farewell note stating : "I was not able to balance and my eyesight was poor. Today I can walk and write and paint ... ."

And there are others like her. There is 48-year-old Shirley Ellerbee from New York who has been here for the past two months and thinks she has been cured of her condition of breathlessness. "The doctors in New York suggested operation for my weak heart. But I am rather cynical about modern medecine and chose to come here for cure.I used to be breathless even while living in suburban New York. But after about a couple of months here I actually feel much better," says she.
It isn't as if these people have been treated with a magic potion, but thanks to Sahaj, their physical ailments have been taken care of, as it were. Sahaj Yoga is practiced in 65 countries all over the world. The International Sahaj Yoga Research and Health centre at Navi Mumbai is also guiding and coordinating research activities of Sahaj Yoga research centers in London, Paris, Vienna, Moscow, Kiev, Toronto and Sydney.

Sahaj Yoga as rediscovered by Mataji Nirmala Devi aims at achieving holistic health care for people. The science focuses on awakening the dormant primordial energy (the Kundalini), whereby a flow of subtle cool cosmic vibrations in the body is achieved which nourishes and rejuvenates each and every cell of the body. Says Dr Umesh Rai, director of International Sahaj Yoga Research and Health Centre, "As a result of meditation, which is the basic aim of Sahaj, the body manufactures certain fluids which have curative powers, which help in overcoming the most severest of ailments."

Another case in point is that of Nilima and Sunil Mane. The couple were seeped in the agony of childlessness even 14 years after their marriage. Thereafter, they sought solace in this holistic science. Says Nilima, now the mother of a 10-year-old : "It is our firm belief that it was only after a course in Sahaj that it was possible for us to have a child."

Dr Rai has researched at the Lady Hardinge Medical College and Associated Hospitals, New Delhi, on the role of Sahaj Yoga in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases.

He maintains that while with the advancement of the medical sciences, infectious diseases have been wiped out and heart and kidney transplants are quite successful, scientists have yet to find an answer for the treatment of psychosomatic diseases which are on the increase in the developed as well as the developing countries. Some such diseases are hypertension, migraine, bronchial asthma, epilepsy and others.

"The doctor of today practicing modern allopathic medecine has entered a stage of superspeciality whereby they appoint separate parts of the body to be treated by a specialist. Due to this approach doctors are not able to view disease as a disturbance to the whole organism. They treat a particular part of the body without taking into consideration the psychological and social aspects of the patients illness", says Rai. " One could be physically fit, but emotional problems or social isolation could make a person very sick."

He advises recourse to the ancient Indian sciptures like the Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, that mentioned yoga as the most essential technique to keep the body and mind healthy. This is true even today but there is a need for integration that is not merely inner but covers external life as well. "For yoga to be more relevant today, it needs to touch both the physical and mental aspects of health, which is encapsulated in the Sahaj Yoga. This science borders on all that which one is born with," says he.

It is based on our subtle nervous system. The dormant primordial energy is present in every individual in three and a half coils in the triangular bone called "sacrum"- The Kundalini, at the base of the spine. When this gets activated on doing Sahaj Yoga, it ascends and activates one's six subtle chakaras and piercing through Brahmarandhra, it unites with the all pervading cosmic energy."And with this actualisation in the limbic area of the brain, subtle cool vibrations start flowing from both palms and the top of the head. In this vibratory awareness, while one can feel what chakaras are blocked, on the other side one can work out the correction of these chakaras to cure different diseases.

To verify some of the claims of Sahaj Yoga, a systematic research study was organised in the physiology and medecine department of Lady Hardinge Medical College and Associated Hospitals in New Delhi.

The research projects studied were psychological effects of Kundalini awakening by Sahaj Yoga and the effect of Sahaj practise on psychosomatic diseases like hypertension and bronchial asthma.

Says Ellerbee, the most important aspect of this science is to achieve a state of thoughtlessness. "Which is the most difficult of things to achieve. But once you get your mind free, you gradually begin to feel a calm stillness within," says she.

But couldn't the cure here for ailments like hypertension etc. be attributed to the fact that getting here in the health centre itself is a get-away of sorts for the patients ?

"Getting away from regular duties help concentrate on Sahaj but it is imperative that one should continue to keep at it. The cure though is lasting," says she.

An alternative to the traditional medical sciences ? Now that's a tough one, isn't it ?

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The Therapeutic Effects of Meditation

Dr Ramesh Manocha, a clinical research fellow at the Sydney Royal Hospital for Women's Natural Therapies Unit, says: "One of the problems with meditation research is that the definitions are very imprecise, and that has led to very mixed and mediocre results under scientific conditions." Manocha headed a research team that conducted a randomised controlled trial on using Sahaja yoga meditation in the management of moderate to severe asthma. The results were published in the world's leading asthma journal, Thorax."We selected a very specific definition that is a very traditional definition of meditation - Sahaja Yoga." Sahaja Yoga meditation was founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in India in 1970. It is, says Avinash Nichkawde, Sahaja Yoga's national co-ordinator, based on an understanding of "a subtle energy system that exists within each one of us ... that governs all aspects of our life - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual," he says. "With the techniques of Sahaja Yoga you can understand how it works. It's practical in nature, very results orientated, very genuine, very scientific."Nichkawde provided Manocha with meditation tutors free of charge for the study. Manocha is at considerable pains to point out that he is indebted to Nichkawde for being able to use the technique, and for his expert guidance during his research. "My name gets out there in connection with this technique," says Manocha, "and people think that I developed it."
The trial compared two groups of people with moderate to severe asthma over 16 weeks. The first group was taught a standard form of stress management, says Manocha, while the second group was taught Sahaja Yoga meditation techniques.
Each group practised twice a day for 10 minutes during the trial period.
"What we found was that the meditators improved more psychologically, and they showed significant improvements in physical dimensions of the disease process as well," he says. The same improvement wasn't seen in the people doing the stress management. What this means, says Manocha "is that this mental silence approach to meditation isn't just making people feel better, they are also doing something that is reducing the severity of the disease process." All subjects were tested for airway hyper-responsiveness ("considered the best and most objective measure currently available to assess disease severity in the asthmatic lung") over the 16 weeks. Manocha says the results of the study were remarkable, because often meditation trials compare "meditation to nothing", while this study compares meditation with stress management. Trials that measure the effectiveness of meditation alone, he says, will show "that meditation does something", but that often "more conventional approaches to reducing stress come out looking equally effective". "What that really means is that the scientific evidence [until now] doesn't support the idea that meditation is anything better than a placebo effect," he says. "The main aim of our research at the Royal Hospital for Women is to what effect there is above and beyond the placebo effect and simple relaxation and rest.
"With this technique called Sahaja Yoga," he says, "we have actually found that there is an effect, and it is quite substantial in the areas that we looked at. It's better than any research that's been done in the world."
It's a big call. And as well as being published in Thorax magazine, Manocha's trial is also mentioned in an editorial, The Therapeutic Effects of Meditation, in the British Medical Journal in May.
The editorial agrees that Sahaja meditation "improved some outcomes in patients with poorly controlled asthma", although it maintains that "differences were not maintained at two months". But it goes on to conclude that "current evidence for the therapeutic effectiveness of any type of meditation is weak". Manocha says he is happy that the editorial has appeared and is writing a paper in response.
"We can follow through and say, 'OK, you guys are complaining about the standards of meditation research,here's a paper that satisfies more, if not all, of your requirements. We are totally committed to addressing all those scientific issues."

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Amazing Personal Experience about Belapur(Vashi)Sahaj Hospital

My Experience in Vashi

By Angela Reininger, March/April 2005

One year ago I was given a new chance of living. I would like to clarify something concerning my physical state at the time, not to dramatize anything but only to make clear the fullness of the blessing I received. When I entered the hospital January of 2004 I was told I had only 1/3 of my blood left. The type of leukemia I had was not the most serious but due to the neglect of treatment I could have died. Frankly I feel something did die within me and indeed I was reborn at the Hanusch Hospital in Vienna. I focused my meditations on Shri Ganesha for no other reason but that my spirit yearned for him. Out of countless meditations on Shri Ganesha I had three that were outstanding. I would close my eyes and see him so large before me. I would do Pranam at His feet and with His four hands He would remove entities from my Mooladhara chakra. Then He would take my hands and we would dance with clouds of red earth billowing at our feet. The nightmares that had haunted me for three years left me and I felt such clarity in my spirit. I believed that was the maximum of blessings I could receive but there was more to come. I thought that to go to Washi was totally out of my reach. I was really so satisfied with the vibrations that I was receiving from all the Yogies that meditated with me daily and all the love and bandhans I received and could physically perceive in my body and soul from the whole collecitve. And yet before I left the hospital I was presented with the possibility of really going to Washi which I did when my immune system declared it was safe to do so.

Here begins the most beautiful saga of all, my experience in Washi. Many of you know the feeling of when you arrive in India. The rhythm of life is completely different, just like the rhythm of your heartbeat is different from the rhythm of your breathing. I guess this change of perspective allows us to view ourselves from a different standpoint, and we can only hope to retain this new awareness as we return. Although the opportunity of my illness had cleared so much within me yet the healing wasn't complete. Even though I was technically pronounced healed, my immune system still lingered below normal standards. There is a gland behind the sternum bone that produces and coordinates the antibodies. In the subtle system it represents the center heart and I believe the antibodies are an _expression of the Ganas. I was to leave for Washi right after Shri Mataji‚s Birthday Puja. Already the day before this event I began to feel a tremendous pain in my center heart,, as a matter of fact it spread to my whole chest that I could not even sit up properly during the Puja. I felt that already even before going to Washi Shri Mataji was stirring things up in my centerheart.

We arrived in Washi around 5:00 in the morning. Just entering through the gates I could feel a tremendous peace radiating from this place. It felt immediately like home. Washi is a place that radiates with love. Love and devotion are the basis of the healing process. My first meeting with my doctor yielded an astounding array of activities guaranteed to fill my day. There were many footsoaks to be had, different names of Shri Mataji (focusing on my Anahat) to meditate upon, candle treatments, shoe beats and two meetings a day with my doctor. I knew it would be such a routine, yet within me I came to the conclusion (as I am not friends with discipline) that whatever I would accomplish of these tasks would only be if I could do it from my heart and not to fulfill an agenda. Sure enough the next day when I met Doctor Rai, she said to me the following. I know that you have been given many tasks to do, but you should only do them if you can do them from your heart. The relief I felt was so great that I not only completed my tasks but my heart yearned for more and I went beyondthem!

The pain persisted and became worse. I had to lie down frequently. I had remembered a story of when Shri Mataji was walking with a group of yogies. Suddenly She stopped and began to explain how our soul is like a spiral and the negativity adheres itself inside this spiral. She said that She had to be ever so careful in removing it or else it would destroy our subtle system. I know that I had become sick in the first place because there were elements within me that I could not live with anymore. In my heart I had told Shri Mataji that I couldn‚t free myself. After all those years in Sahaja Yoga and my many opportunities to be with Shri Mataji still I was bound and desperate. I told Her that She had to do it, that I didn‚t care anymore what it took that I would rather die than live that way. Please, I begged Her, remove this burden from me. Then I became ill and She lifted those chains.

One day when my doctor was working on my center heart, my eyes were closed and I saw before me like a film the events of my life that created my center heart. They were shocking indeed. I was stunned. The doctor, even though I hadn‚t uttered one word, began to work on my Agnya chakra and then told me that I should shoebeat all the things troubling my Agnya. Shortly after that a dear friend of mine from Brazil that just happened to be in Washi at the time, in a very loving way began prodding me about my past. All of a sudden I blurted out many unfortunate incidents that made me bitter about my life. I was shocked at my lack of restraint. I spent a few hours in a serious depression. It took all my strength to go and have some footsoaks until I could calm down and understand what befell me.

I knew there was a divine reason for what had happened. It was not curiosity on my friend‚s side. She was an instrument to open a locked cage within me. I have a complete trust in the power of the collectivity. I know in my heart beyond a shadow of a doubt that Shri Mataji is a collective incarnation. She is a boundless ocean of love and the Sahaja Yoga collectivity is the ocean in which She resides. I remembered at this moment the first collective meeting I experienced when I moved to Austria. We have moved a great deal around the world. Most of the time we were alone trying to give realization or in small collectives. When we sang bajans, my voice always rang loudly as most of the time we were trying to teach others sahaj songs. When I sang at that meeting in Austria I was astounded that I could not hear myself! I instead only heard the beautiful voices of the yogies in the hall (Austrians have very fine lyrical voices). In singing with them I forgot myself and for the first time I understood what it meant to be a drop falling into the ocean. My voice was still there yet it became so much more powerful because it was part of something much greater than myself. At this moment I realized that Shri Mataji had released what was in my cage and the only way to be free from it was to forgive. I not only forgave each and every event that troubled me but I asked Shri Mataji to help each and every one in their spiritual evolution. After two days of doing this, the pain was completely gone!

Again I thought I had reached the maximum of blessings but more was yet to come. Wolfgang was going to present a beautiful shawl that he had bought in Dharamsala to Shri Mataji as the Easter gift. To my great surprise he asked me to accompany him to Pratisthan! He didn‚t know if I would be able to see Shri Mataji, only She would determine that when we arrive. It was such a blessing to even sit at Her gate that I had no expectations of anything greater (although my desire was there). This was the very day that the Pope had died. During the two-hour trip to Pratishtan, Wolfgang held the shawl in his hands and in his heart meditating. He then asked me to hold it and meditate on South America and pray to Shri Mataji that She would heal all the negative effects of the Catholic church in South America. How interesting that Wolfgang representing Austria, such a strongly catholic country and I from Brazil the largest catholic country in the world should be going to see Shri Mataji on the very day that the Pope died.

When we arrived there we were invited to enter into an office next to the kitchen. There were beautiful scents flowing from the cooking preparations and we sat there contentedly speaking to such lovely yogies. After two hours of this an amazing meal especially prepared for us appeared. After our leisure meal we were invited upstairs to rest. I felt Shri Mataji was gently working on us all this time in preparation of meeting with Her. When I lay down on a bed a group of Indian girls who worked in the house were in the room chatting in their language. Just before falling asleep I heard mixed in their conversation the following words in English. Attention, Sahasrara, Kundalini. Then I fell blissfully asleep. Suddenly I was awakened and told that Shri Mataji was ready to see us.

This was the second time I had entered Shri Mataji‚s home in Pratishtan. The first time was 17 years ago. Then it was still under construction. Yogies were roaming the house up and down, I remember walking into the kitchen area and there was Shri Mataji stirring a big pot on a fire on the ground. This was the meal she was preparing for us. I remembered the surprise and awe of seeing Her doing such a simple task that I preformed every day. Even more I remembered the pleasure in Her face as we enjoyed Her meal sitting at Her Lotus Feet. It is a feeling that a mother understands very well.

Now the house looked much different. It was complete and beautifully decorated as befitting Shri Adi Shakti. We entered a room and there She sat on a beautiful chair, Sir CP as always was at Her side. In the room was also Her daughter Kalpana and Her husband. We were graciously received.

I had the great fortune to have been with Shri Mataji in many countries around the world. Always I felt like such a child before Her. She would always treat me with kindness and would give me practical advice about my life. This time it was completely different. Whereas before She would see me as a struggling child, now She saw only my spirit. She was radiant like the sun! It was as if She was beyond words, She was pure Chaitanya. She smiled at us so sweetly and radiantly. We bowed at Her feet and Wolfgang presented Her with the shawl. She put it on and put out Her hand to touch and bless all the many bouquets of flowers that we had brought to her in behalf of yogies. We then once again did namaskar at Her feet and Wolfgang took the opportunity to place flowers at Her Lotus Feet. We left Her room and waited for Sir CP. When he came in the room he embraced Wolfgang as a father would a son. He spoke so beautifully about Sahaja Yogies and how he wished all yogies could enjoy this house, as it was also their house.

Wolfgang had to settle some matters and I went outside in the courtyard to wait for him. Just above the main entrance to the house is a large white marble statue of Shri Ganesha. I marveled at the beauty. The vibrations were amazing and I stood there in meditation. In my heart I desired the healing of all those that had come to Washi, they are such great souls all desiring to deepen their connection with Shri Mataji. I put my attention on Europe and Austria that I would understand the gravity of my Guru Tatwa and be deserving of all the blessings of Shri Gruha Lakshmi and be able to absorb all the vibrations in this part of the Virata and I desired this for all Austrians. I desired that all anti- Christ activities would be destroyed in myself, my family, in Austria‚s Judicial system, educational system, all the population and in all yogies. Lastly I desired the same for the whole world.

Arriving in Washi the yogies eagerly came to receive news of our trip and took in our words as divine prasaad. I thought I would be leaving Washi shortly afterwards as I had been there already three eventful weeks, but it was not to be so. When I left for the airport a couple of days later I arrived 6 hours late for my plane! I had traveled a great deal in my life and have never lost a plane, train or bus. I understood the maya played on me. My work was not finished. After realizing my mistake at the airport and discovering that there was only one flight a week to Vienna on this airline, I left through another rather complicated exit to find a prepaid taxi. When I was in the taxi I felt completely different than when I came in. I started to laugh, it was as if I had left something confused about myself in the confusion of the airport. I felt very light and my meditations all through that week were deep and peaceful. On the day of my plane the airlines said that there were no available seats. They had prioritized my position on the standby list and said I could risk waiting in case someone didn‚t show up for their flight. I stayed up all night at the airport meditating on Shri Ganesha. I said I would surrender to any decision of my leaving or staying, but should I go I asked Him for a miracle concerning my 20 extra kilos of excess luggage. If He could kindly arrange a penalty within my financial means. At 5:00 in the morning as I was about to receive a decision from the airlines I remembered what my husband told me just before I left for the airport. He said my rakhi brother Wolfgang gave a bandan and said that I would not only get a seat but it would be a first or business class. Well wouldn‚t you know that there was only one seat available, it was a no show and it was in business class! Next came the luggage. The airline people were complaining I had too many luggages and said that I had to pay excess luggage. I said okay, how much do I have to pay? He said you have to pay for 4 kilos. I strained not to show my surprise and joy. I immediately paid enjoying Shri Ganesha‚s little joke, for the 4 kilos representing His 4 petals.

Shri Ganesha please teach me your divine rhythm. Teach me to flow with the divine tide. Teach me your dance of life.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

A meditative approach to menopause

By Helen Tobler
* Medical reporter

AFTER her mother and two sisters developed breast cancer, 54-year-old Attracta McKeveney was so worried about her own chances of developing the disease she decided never to use hormone replacement therapy. But when Mrs McKeveney hit menopause, she wondered how she would cope with the physical and emotional symptoms without recourse to HRT. ``I had the hot flushes and mood swings, but I didn't think of HRT because I knew I couldn't have it,''
she said yesterday. She decided to try meditation and eventually the menopausal symptoms eased.
Her choice was perhaps prudent, given the new research findings that have prompted thousands of women who had been taking HRT to contemplate legal action against drug companies for negligence over developing heart disease and breast cancer after prolonged use of the
The Australian Consumers Association said yesterday women should have been told earlier about the health risks after a British medical journal study raised concerns as early as 1997.
John Howard joined Australian health authorities in calling on women not to panic in the wake of the US study's findings of an increased risk of developing cancer from prolonged use of combined HRT. Mrs McKeveney, a nurse's aide at Sydney's Royal Hospital for Women, experimented with meditation, enrolling in a study conducted by the hospital's Natural Therapies Unit in early 2000.
The trial was designed to examine the effect of sahajayoga meditation on the symptoms of menopause.At first, Mrs McKeveney resisted adopting the technique completely but once she decided to put the effort in, the benefits started to show. As well as helping her relax, after the first two weeks of practising meditation Mrs McKeveney's menopausal symptoms eased.
``At the end of the eight weeks I didn't have hot flushes,'' she said. ``It's probably just the relaxation of your mind.'' Mrs McKeveney said the thought she might develop breast cancer caused terrible stress, but the meditation ``really helped me mentally because at the time I was stressed with the threat of breast cancer''. ``It's something that has lasted with me.''
While some experts agreed that meditation, or other forms of stress management, could reduce symptoms such as hot flushes, they warned that most natural remedies, like red clover, dong quai and wild yam cream, do not lessen the symptoms of menopause. A study in the Medical Journal of Australia last year found there was no difference between the effect of herbal remedies and a placebo. Ramesh Manocha, who ran the yoga trial, said at the end nine out of 10 women had experienced more than a 50 per cent improvement in their menopausal symptoms.``That's the kind of effect you would see with HRT.'' But Dr Manocha said there was no evidence to support most natural alternatives.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Sahaja Yoga article in The MoscowTimes

With Meditation Yoga, Stress Is All in the Mind
By Alastair Gee at TheMoscowTimes

If Moscow is stressing you out, the Sahaja Yoga meditation group has a solution.“We teach how to breathe, how to meditate, how to calm yourself, how to reduce stress and rid yourself of worries,” said group organizer Sweta Kotwani.

The organization offers “meditation yoga,” Kotwani said, a special form of the technique that is “not physical, but mental. It has to do with the mind and spirit.”
The group also provides alternative curing therapies for health problems. These have “nothing to do with tablets. We use natural elements, such as fire and water,” Kotwani said.

Sahaja Yoga was created by Shri Mataji Nirmala Deva in 1970 in India, and the organization has now spread all over the world. Kotwani, an Indian who has been in Moscow for nine years, explained that new attendees pass through several stages. “First there is a process called self-realization. Then we teach how to meditate, and a week later see if people feel any benefits. If there are problems, we then teach people how to deal with them,” Kotwani said.

The group recommends wearing loose-fitting clothing. There is no entrance fee, as Kotwani said that the organizers want to share the technique with as many people as possible. “We want to tell people the benefits we got,” Kotwani said.

The Sahaja Yoga group meets 11 a.m. on Saturdays at 45 Leninsky Prospekt. To attend, call Sweta Kotwani on 135 1176, or e-mail: swetajim@

Mothers Photographs Changes

Dear Humble Ones

A week ago a colleague emailed me the photograph of Mataji - I had not seen Her picture before nor had I read or heard about Mataji – the photograph constantly kept changing to someone who looked very young. A few days later I was given a photograph of Mataji – as I say I do not know much – but this picture also changes –but to a picture of the Lord Jesus. I do not know why these have happened.

I do know that I have become a changed person I feel such a change within me that everything in the past is by the way – I accomplish my day to day tasks with ease.

The feeling is unexplainable. It is so wonderful. I feel I want to pass it to everyone around me. As I say I have not gone into yoga or anything.

Renitha Govan
Mondi Business Paper South Africa
Merebank Mill
Travancore Drive Merebank, 4052
P O Box 31024, Merebank, 4059, South Africa

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Cure for Diabetes from Sahaja Yoga

Before we understand the concept of the Cause of this disease let us highlight on the organ in Human Body, its importance, due to which this disease has caused. It is the lever.


Liver the largest organ of our body. Liver participates in virtually every thing that we d. Liver provides muscles for our physical works, digest our food and manufacture the vitamins. Like a big chemical factory liver produces about 1000 different enzymes to handle our chemical conversions. It makes the antibodies that protect us from disease.

We eat chocolate or any sweet; the cane sugar is changed into blood sugar-glucose in the intestine. Let too much of this glucose be fed into the blood stream and we may get into come as diabetics might without insulin. Liver sees that it does not happen.

One of the major role of liver is that it provides the food contents( gray matter) to the brain, in form of energy. How much the brain works, the sufficient amount of gray matter is provided by the liver.

The Cause Of Diabetes

Man in is in continuous process of thinking. Sometimes he plans heavily, and subsequently more amount of heat is generated by the liver to fulfill the requirement. This extra amount of heat is very hazardious. Sometimes this heat produced effects other organs of the body. In this case if the heat reaches the pancreas, this organ gets effected manifesting in the Disease called pancreas. Subsequent to the emergence of this disease the blood sugar contents in the human body rises.

The Cure

Medically as such there is no cure to Diabetes. As a prevention insulin are prepared that acts as SOS.

But, by the blessings of H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, through her unique discovery called Sahaja Yoga, where one is taught to be in inner balance, through meditation. Through Sahaja Yoga Meditation, after the person gets his Self-Realization, he gets a state called "Thoughtless Awareness", the person learns to work without intensive planning, and as a result the liver is subsequently relaxed, its intensity of hotness is reduced, and thus diabetes gets completely cured from its roots.

Sahaja Yoga is indeed a path for Total Human Transformation

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sahaja yoga in the management of moderate to severe asthma: a randomised controlled trial

R Manocha1, G B Marks2,3, P Kenchington4, D Peters and C M Salome2
1 Natural Therapies Unit, Royal Hospital for Women, NSW, Australia
2 Institute of Respiratory Medicine, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia
3 South Western Sydney Clinical School, University of New South Wales, NSW, Australia
4 Concord Psychiatry Unit, NSW, Australia

Correspondence to:
Dr G B Marks, Institute of Respiratory Medicine, P O Box M77, Camperdown, NSW 2050, Australia;

Background: Sahaja Yoga is a traditional system of meditation based on yogic principles which may be used for therapeutic purposes. A study was undertaken to assess the effectiveness of this therapy as an adjunctive tool in the management of asthma in adult patients who remained symptomatic on moderate to high doses of inhaled steroids.
Methods: A parallel group, double blind, randomised controlled trial was conducted. Subjects were randomly allocated to Sahaja yoga and control intervention groups. Both the yoga and the control interventions required the subjects to attend a 2 hour session once a week for 4 months. Asthma related quality of life (AQLQ, range 0–4), Profile of Mood States (POMS), level of airway hyperresponsiveness to methacholine (AHR), and a diary card based combined asthma score (CAS, range 0–12) reflecting symptoms, bronchodilator usage, and peak expiratory flow rates were measured at the end of the treatment period and again 2 months later.
Results: Twenty one of 30 subjects randomised to the yoga intervention and 26 of 29 subjects randomised to the control group were available for assessment at the end of treatment. The improvement in AHR at the end of treatment was 1.5 doubling doses (95% confidence interval (CI) 0.0 to 2.9, p=0.047) greater in the yoga intervention group than in the control group. Differences in AQLQ score (0.41, 95% CI –0.04 to 0.86) and CAS (0.9, 95% CI –0.9 to 2.7) were not significant (p>0.05). The AQLQ mood subscale did improve more in the yoga group than in the control group (difference 0.63, 95% CI 0.06 to 1.20), as did the summary POMS score (difference 18.4, 95% CI 0.2 to 36.5, p=0.05). There were no significant differences between the two groups at the 2 month follow up assessment.
Conclusions: This randomised controlled trial has shown that the practice of Sahaja yoga does have limited beneficial effects on some objective and subjective measures of the impact of asthma. Further work is required to understand the mechanism underlying the observed effects and to establish whether elements of this intervention may be clinically valuable in patients with severe asthma.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Why Suffer..?


In modern times the student is under immense pressure. He has to face competition in a very aggressive environment. This creates a state of worry in his mind-“he must work hard, he must get ahead of others, he must make his career, will he get the job?”

As he worries more and more his mental thoughts shift his attention from a balanced state, and he becomes more & More mental. Worrying too much about the future leads to an imaginary state, which is away from reality. One gets lost in the imagination & falls in the mire of depression and frustration. Such a futuristic person suffer from loss of memory, his attention becomes wobbly, his lever gets hot, making him irritable, short tempered & impatient. When the attention is bad we are unable to absorb what is tempered and impatient. We may read books but can’t remember any thing. In advance situations this has a bearing on the stomach and digestion, causing many psychosomatic problems like vousness etc. are a byproduct of our inner state of restlessness. How can there be peace outside if there is no peace within?

We cannot immediately be able to change the outside situation but we can change our self from within. Within our body is a subtle system which works in direct connection with the All pervading energy of God Almighty. When we revert back from our mental or emotional state this connection, the balance then all our problems arising from futuristic get solved:

FIRSTLY the liver gets relived of mental pressure so our temper calms down.
SECONDLY as our attention improves we are able to absorb the lessons better.
THIRDLY the memory improves, thus enabling us to retain what we learn.
FOURTHLY our physical health becomes much better. There are no more headaches, nervousness, depression, and lack of self-confidence or restlessness.
FIFTHLY our creativity awakens. One becomes a very constructive and positive personality.

Most of all. We become peaceful and joyous. We don’t have to go anywhere for joy, the joy comes from within our self.

Now let us examine how this change can take place within. From the time of our creation the creator placed within us point of connection, called the Kundalini. Through an ancient method of Sahaja Yoga it was discovered that this Kundalini is a force coiled around at the base of spine in the sacrum Bone. The word ‘sacrum’ comes from Greek Language which means ‘sacred”. Obviously the ancient Greek knew that something sacred was placed in this bone, so they called it sacrum.

In Our new age, with the adevent of a Divine incarnation, her Holiness Nirmala Devi, it has become possible to discover the point of this connection and also to connect it back to the source. This Process is called Kundalini awakening and gives the seeker his SELF REALISATION.

When the connection is established then the power starts from the mains of Divine Force into the subtle channels of each individual. The divine power thus rejuvenates the individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The Body cells undergo a process of regeneration and renewal. Thus many physical and mental ailments spontaneously heal, the brain also becomes dynamic. Many of its potent faculties become dynamic. We are ourselves surprised at our new found abilities and talents. Students who could not sing suddenly start composing music..!

For establishing this connection through Sahaja Yoga you don’t have to pay anything. You don’t have to leave your home and go anywhere. You don’t have to wear special cloths or look different. Living as you are, eating your normal diet, and wearing your normal cloths, you can do it. It Just needs fiftheen minutes of meditation in the morning or just before going to bed.

Can it be that easy?
Why not..!
What did You do to be born?
What does a seed do to become a plant?
Let us forget that when God crated us, He also provided for us a simple meaning to be connected with him. Why would He complicate the connection with means to be connected with him. Why would He complicate the connection with His own children/ He loves us very much and wants us always to remain connected with him. It is all this mumbo jumbo of fundamentalism and rituals that have complicated this very simple, natural and pure connection. So let us break from all these artificial barriers.

Some where along the line the connection may have become weak, Why not correct it ?



HAVE IT NOW………………………!