Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Reflections on some new hypertension research

Reflections on some new hypertension research from Bristol, UK:

High blood pressure is pandemic in proportions. Hypertension medication is proving ineffective and there are ongoing efforts to understand its roots; University of Bristol scientists have suggested something radically new: They suggest that the brain, rather than other physiological factors may hold the key. A protien in the brain traps white blood cells, cutting off oxygen supply to the brain causing a inflammatory vascular condition resulting in high blood pressure situations.

Although it might be a stretch, but I try to correlate it with the working of the Agnya chakra, situated at the brain level. When the agya chakra is dysfunctional, it blocks the path of the rising Kundalini by closing the gates of the central channel to the brain. The cumulative effect of this blockage - which accompanies thoughts about people who have hurt us - induces emotions of anger. Anger is the trigger for Hypertention!

So lets bring things to a full circle here: Scientists have seed evidence of a mechanism of high BP which has a parallel in the knowledge of the workings of the Agnya chakra: The dilation of constrictions at the agnya chakra by the kundalini. The modern scientific evidence will take a bunch of more studies before the theory can be tested, supported and suitable treatments be developed based on it. However, there are solutions to working out the agnya chakra problem of forgiveness and balancing the state of anger within the path of Sahaja - available free and ubiquitously.

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