Monday, March 27, 2006

Sahaj Experience of Bindu Ajit

This incident occured in the year 2004 when we went to India for holidays During our stay with my mother[ who is an ardent devotee of Krishna] we used to do daily meditation, foot soaking etc. As such, we had shifted from the normal routine of reciting the Vishnu Sahasranama (1000 names of Vishnu) in the mornings as instructed by my mother. My mother had some apprehensions about the same but never revealed it.

We had the habit of visiting an astrologer every vacation.This is because the astrologer to whom we used to consult is very famous in our area and most of the events he foretold in the past have come true. Though I was not so keen to go to the astrologer after coming to sahaj I had to accompany them but prayed to Sree mataji and put bandhan before leaving the house.

The astrologer after having a look at my husbands horoscope arranged his Kavidis(these are small shell beads) based on the stars, date of birth, time of birth etc. He then pronounced that my husband is not very satisfied with his present job and he has not yet got what we deserves because the star which is corresponding to lord Vishnu is hidden and not pleased. I told him that what he said may be true but we are content with what we have now.[ I said so because our outlook has completely changed after coming to Sahaj and had the confidence in Supreme Lord Father that he will take care of us] At this moment my mothers suppressed feelings sprang alive and she said that we are not reciting vishnu sahsranama nowadays and are doing something else thats why LordVishnu is not happy. I told the astrologer " what my my mother said is partially true because I have changed the method of praying that's it but I don't think that Vishnu can be unhappy because we do pray to all the gods daily." At this point also we didn't say anything about sahajmeditation or about Sreemataji. The astrologer after listening to both parties [my nother and myself] pondered for a while and laid down his shells again saying he will see for himself what we are doing now and whether its effective or not. The astrologer started saying the sloka which ends with words meaning let the truth be seen let the truth be seen let the truth be heart was drumbeating I called sree Mataji and tried to go in to meditative mood.

The astr. after arranging his kavidis and calculating asked us " What you are doing , is it something related to Devi......? I thought for a while and replied " Hm..Devi..... we can say Adi Sakthi...."At this the astro. was overjoyed at his findings and said in a very elated manner ' its not just any sakthi it's the mahasakthi it's ....its [and then he took a few names of devi from devimahatmyam and said] its all these sakthis put together and I can see the Sannidhyam [ the presence] of that sakthi with you so do not change your path go ahead and you will definitely get what you are wishing". He then turned to my mother and told her " do not worry about children they are not doing anything wrong but they are into something which is much much above our expectations". Then he told us " I don't know who is your Guru but whoever he is he is a person of great powers". At his point we gave him a brief summary of SreeMataji and Sahajayoga .My mother still enquired as to what pooja we should offer to lord Vishnu to please the lord. He then pacified my mother that we have transcended the stage of normal people and told us to pray to lord Vishnu in whatever way we consider it most appropriate. He also said that all this rites has to be followed by normal people and not for us . He told us whenever Sahajayoga is going to be started in the town he would also like to learn it.This was an eye opener to the reality or truth about SreeMataji not only for our mother but for us too.It was nothing less than a miracle to hear a person, who has never heard of Shree Mataji or Sahajayoga describing Shreemataji as the power of all sakthis. And today by Matajis grace both my mother and sister are doing Sahajayoga. A very experienced sahajayogini visited my house and gave realization to my mother and she is working towards starting a center at our place with the help of other Sahajayogis.

We thank our loving mother for all her love and compassion bestowed upon our family, for which we always want to remain as mere dust at her lotus feet.


Bindu Ajit

Friday, March 17, 2006

Science metering the vibrations on Biometer

…A recent development in science of Geo-biology has established amazing results with the use of simple instruments like' Lecher Antenna', 'Lobe Antenna' and ' Biometer' to measure subtle energies emitted by earth, trees, living organism, inanimate objects, etc.

Biometer was a scale developed by Antoine Bovis and his colleague Andre Simonton to measure various energy fields existing around us. As a matter of convention, these fields are measured in units of 'Bovis'. Measurements carried out by European and Indian scientists have yielded the following values:

Healthy human being… … … … … (+) 6500 Bovis
*Different Chakras in the body… … … … (+) 6500 to 16000 Bovis
Ringing of Church bells… … … … … (+) 11000 Bovis
Calls from East facing mosque… … … … (+) 12000 Bovis
Garbhagriha in Tibetan temples… … … … (+) 14000 Bovis
Tibetan prayer Wheel… … … … … (+) 12000 to 16000 Bovis
Buddhist stupa… … … … … … (+) 12000 Bovis
Hindu swastika (any size)… … … … (+) 10 lakh Bovis
Hindu swastika (reverse direction)… … … (-) 10 lakh Bovis
Hitler's swastika (45 degree tilt)… … … … (+) 1000 Bovis
Red flower… … … … … … (+) 6500 Bovis
Fire (any type, any form, any size)… … … infinite positive energy
Sandstone, marble, etc…. … … … … high positive energy
Granite, quartz, and some gemstones… … … negative energy

…As proposed by Dr. Ernst Hartmann in 1970 and later on experimentally confirmed by some scientists, energy line emerging from earth's surface have been observed forming a grid all around the earth. These energy lines are oriented magnetically in the North-South and the East - West direction and are termed as 'Bio-Electro-Magnetic' (BEM) fields. Since each body cell can act like a radio receiver with its own vibratory fundamental frequency, these fields are known to affect the human mind and body, especially at the place of work and sleep where the body remains stationary for along period of time…. In a sense the concept of BEM grid may be a step in the right direction for comprehensive study of super science.

Source: From Vastu Shastra and Geo-mancy…(Secrets of Vastushastra by NH. Sahasrabudhe& RD. Mahatme, 1999)

*The Bio-Meter must not have measured a realized soul or a Sahaja Yogi or else his Chakras in the body as reflected must have had shown fantastic figures.

For the interest of Science faculty, please ponder over the subject of Van -Allan's Belt that’s just above the earth with two holes (one on the North and the other towards South) for anything to escape outside the earth (like rockets fired and others going into the space) and also allow any extra terrestrial to enter through only these two holes or else everything gets burnt out. Alike, the two prisms of the Sahasrara (apex up) and Mooladhara (inverted…. pointing below) within us. The all pervading energy enters through (Fontanel area) this hole..'The Brahmaharandra' (prism.. With apex pointing top) on top and that energy gets refracted and then travels down and gets diffracted by the inverted prism below to reside inside the subtle body only… Isn't it interesting? So what has this belt got to do above us? Have we ever thought of that! Either, we are just trying hard to search the whole Universe within us, or trying to confirm that we are the reflection of this Universe! May be some day our fellow brother yogi- scientist shall extend his enlightened theory of such beautiful subtle knowledge in near future.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Emancipation is Transformation of Awareness

It is by Her infinite Love that HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has brought out Sahaja Yoga to transform the human awareness into the Divine Awareness by giving self-realization on mass scale.

We find it cures people physically mentally and emotionally. The spiritual transformation of our inner being also takes place and we go beyond the three dimensions. We attain thoughtless awareness, doubtless awareness and God- realization. Here we become a witness, detached and surrendered to the Divine Power and feel the joy within.

Diseases are the manifestations of the evil powers in us. They cause physical, mental and emotional imbalances to destroy us and deprive us the chance of our emancipation. The Devi has been fighting with these demons (Asuras) and protecting us by killing them in thousands of incarnations in the past.

One of the Asura is Bhandasura. It is described in Lalitopakhyan that Lord Shiva burnt Kamdev (god of love). The ashes of Kamdev was made into human form by Shri Ganesha while playing. The human form became alive by the power of purity and innocence of Ganesha.

This asura in human form did great penance of Shiva and got boon from Lord Shiva to reign over all the three worlds for sixty thousand years. Then by being very powerful he was always engaged in sinful activities but outwardly he was performing acts of Yagyas (sacred offerings), penances and worships of Shiva. The Indra (king of the gods) and other gods became afraid. Because of his double standards this asura was called as Bhandasura.

Shri Lalita Devi fought with Bhandasura and destroyed him by transforming him into a Satoguni (godly qualities) from a rajoguni (demonic qualities). This could be done only by Her power of Great Love ( beyond gunas ).

The seed of Kama ( lust ) can not be destroyed. It only can be transformed into pure love which comes from detachment. Though the bodies of the Asuras had been destroyed by The Goddess yet their awareness remain in the minds of the human being. The demonic awareness can be transformed by the awareness of the Divine awakened in Sahaja Yoga.

Shri Mataji had revealed the names of some Asuras who incarnated in the present times.

Bhandasura and his city was destroyed by a blazing missile Kameshwarastra by The Devi. That is why one of the name of Durga is “Kameshwarastra nirgadhas bhandasura Shunyakaya.” This is the first name out 84 names of Shri Durga Given in SAHAJA YOGA MANTRA BOOK.

In the eve of Navratri Puja we see the significance of the above description that The Adi Shakti will transform evil into good in us by Her Power of Love.

So we have to see whether all these negative forces are within us and use proper method to cleanse ourselves. By proper understanding and practice of Sahaja Yoga we can transform our selves into the pure awareness and achieve our emancipation by the grace of Shri Mataji.