Thursday, February 09, 2006

Interesting Review “The Advent”

Dear Family,

Find below a review written by a sister yogini here at Ramagundam, who is voracious reader and a very strong seeker. She took realization nearly two years back. The blessings of our Holy Mother showered on her and we can witness an amazing transformation after realization.

After completion of reading The Advent I gave the book to her for reading and asked her to write a review on the same.

The book was a great work by Gregoire and for all sys it is a must to read as a syllabus/course and absorb. Besides giving deep-rooted knowledge we also felt the divine of love our Mother in the form of intense cool vibrations while reading. In fact this sister told that her Agya got cleared while reading the book and she felt her head becoming very light.

Jai Shri Mataji!


Here follows her review—

The Advent written by G. De Kalbarmatten is an exemplary work on Brahma Gyana in general, Sahajayoga in particular. Seekers can find answers to many long awaited questions in this book.

The book begins with the author’s early life before coming into Sahajayoga and his encounter with HH Shri Mataji. His experiences of “Self Realization” and of some other Sahajayogis have been described in simple and effective style. The Kundalini instrument of individual as well as of Virata has been illustrated. Explaining the depth of Reality or Truth it is said that “Human minds cannot be taken to Reality, but Reality has to engulf the human mind.”

About death and rebirth, it is said that – When heart ceases to beat the individual’s consciousness withdraws from the bodily organs. The content of consciousness, The Atman together gathers into Kundalini, which shrinks in size (1-2 cm). Them Kundalini leaves the body carrying chakras which are loaded with the Karma of This birth as well as Previous lives (Kundalini form attends the corpse for 13 days till funeral rites are over). Depending on the content of chakras and the condition of Kundalini, it goes to the corresponding field of energy in Virata, where the next birth is determined.

Ego, Superego, dangers of liberated sex and false gurus are elaborately discussed. The history and evolution of religions of world is quite interesting. The genesis of the universe gives enormous knowledge unknown to science till now. The following salient points can be relevant here.

Ø In the beginning, Sadashiva and Adishakti were united as one entity.

Ø Later Shiva_Shakti separation took place (Big-bang theory). Shakti further divided into Maha Laxmi, Maha Saraswati and Maha Kali.

Ø Brahma & Maha Saraswati forming Adi Swadhistan of Virata helped the matter to evolve its atomic structure nearly 6000 billion years ago.

(During Big-bang, matter was crushed to tiniest particles called Quarks. These quarks later assembled into Protons and Neutrons. 2004 Nobel prize in Physics is awarded to the theories which explain the forces between quarks which from Proton and Neutron).

Ø Galaxies and Solar Systems were formed 4000 billion years ago.

Ø The living cells were created 1100 billions years ago.

Ø Human brain has evolved 3 billion years ago.

Ø 70,000 years ago, Paleolithic man appeared.

Ø Raising of head and erect posture of Man caused a twist in the evolution of visudhi chakra, developing ego and superego which ultimately resulted in cutting of human consciousness from universal consciousness.

To lead the human beings with locked up consciousness, incarnations became necessary and the Cosmic Conscience produced 4 types of incarnations (Archetypes)

1. Mother Incarnations—generally single person like Durga, Chandi etc., or accompanied by Father as Sita, Radha.
2. Father incarnations—eight first incarnations of Maha Vishnu—Mastya, Narasimha etc.,
3. Guru incarnations—Dattatreya, Yogiraja Viswambhara etc.,
4. Son incarnations—Ganesh, Kartikeya, Jesus Christ etc.,

The Archetypes of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are discussed in detail. Their role in human evolution is note-worthy.

We can also find the following useful tips to overcome catches.

Ø Sitting on the Mother Earth and looking at it would clear Mooladhara chakra

Ø Bathing one’s feet in river/sea clears 3 lower chakras.

Ø Looking at HH Mataji’s Photograph through a flame clears Manipura and Agya chakras

Ø Looking at the sky clears the Visudhi and Agya chakras.

Ø It too much fatique is felt, raising Ida nadi with right hand and then lowering Pingala nadi will give relaxation.

Ø If one feels depression/frustation, raising Pingala nadi and lowering Ida nadi helps.

Ø If tension/pain in any chakra is felt drawing circles with right hand on the chakra will help (clock-wise in front and anti clock-wise at the back)

Ø More vibrations will be generated if 7 Sahajayogis or multiple of 7 sit together.

In the book Tantrism, its history, its evolution and its effects on human evolution have been dealt in detail. Tantrism flourished in India during 900 to 1400 AD. Tantriks evolved certain ghastly rituals which are full of perverted sex and violence. They progressed through subconscious and supraconscious realms of universe and attained same siddhis also. But they used their energies to acquire power, money and conforts. Tantrikas established their own wicked kingdom where innocents are cheated. They some spirits and introduce the spirits into their disciples, thus spoiling their chakras and Kundalini. Author of the book strongly warns against the false gurus.

The need for collective realization is given in an interesting way. There are two destinies to the human world.

1. If present adharma and violence are carried out endlessly-Sadashiva would arrive to destry the world (Tandava).

2. If there are good number of Realized dharmic people, tenth incarnation of Maha Vishnu (who is guide towards evolution) Shri Kalki will arrive to save the Dharma and punish the adharma.

By giving collective realization HH Mataji has averted Sadashiva-Tandava.

In the last part of the book the writer gave critical review of development of East and West religions and the need for their synthesis.

In a vivid description of western culture, we can find (that) how western thought being oriented towards economic growth and material world has drifted away from spirituality. The monopoly of the Church under Roman Empire, later the rational thinking only in terms of matter has destroyed the spiritual libido of the west.

On the other hand, it is shown that the individualized spiritual pursuit has deprived the Indian society of economic growth and material comfort. Because of this the modern generations of India are running after western culture. But in Sahajayoga beautiful synthesis of both has been evolved.

This book is one of the rare kinds, which opens the new horizons to its readers.